Thursday, December 3, 2009

December 2 2009

Greetings Everyone! 

It's cold out there! Tonight as we made deliveries it even 
snowed a little! Not quite ready for snow yet, like a lot 
of conventional farmers, we are probably also a month behind 
with our winter preparations. But......we got one of our 
first seed catalogues today and that means spring is not far 
away :) I also spent a good part of the day today putting 
together "cut sheets" for pork orders for our hogs that we 
brought to the butcher this week. If you would still like 
to get in on some great tasting Berkshire pork, please let 
us know ASAP. We need to bring our cutting instructions to 
the butcher tomorrow. 

Today in your box....... 

Cabbage - Green and tender - we really enjoy this just cut 
up in wedges, steamed and served with butter and some herbs 
sprinkled on top. 

Brussels Sprouts - even if you think you don't like these - 
just try them! Trim off the stem end, wash them 
and.....steam, grill (try a little olive oil and balsamic 
vinegar) etc. These would be great paired with your baby 



Kale - Either Red (with kind of a purple stem) or Green. 
You shouldn't need to stem the kale, but if you have a few 
larger leaves in your bag, you may want to just tear out 
that stem. Cook it with your potatoes and mash them all 
together, or try adding it to some beef soup with a tomato 
base. This frost sweetened baby kale is also great added to 

Swiss Chard - great cooked or raw 

Butternut Squash 


Baby Carrots 

Finger Leek - This mild member of the onion family is a 
fall/winter favorite at our house. Great sauteed with other 
vegetables or meat. We love it in potato-leek soup. Leek 
tends to collect dirt, so be sure to chop it up and then 
throw it in a sink of water to wash it thoroughly before 

Have a great week! 

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  1. This looks so delicious and healthful...I'm sad. You don't deliver anywhere near me (I'm east of Cherokee) and the fuel costs (and pollution)to travel all the way to Orange City would tend to ameliorate the benefits of your wonderful produce. I'm wondering if there's ANY CHANCE you'll expand your circle in 2010?