Wednesday, October 21, 2009

In the box for this delivery you should find;
salad mix
lettuce with arugula
red potato
red cabbage
green peppers
cauliflower or broccoli

It has been too long. We did our last summer CSA distribution and then had a 2 week break before we began our fall CSA deliveries. For the first delivery we didn't do a newsletter because we didn't make time to do it ahead of time and then afterwards we felt tired, combined with thinking that everything in the box was routine, standard and needed no explanation etc. We failed. We should have sent a note saying the round white things were red meat radishes. The turnips are in this weeks box!

I would like to show how the greens in your box got there today. Here are some pictures beginning outside, going into the tunnel to gather the greens and then to the barn for the packing.

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