Monday, September 14, 2009

The Cornucopia Carrot Vol.3, Issue 19

Dear Friends

You have your boxes because Janna delivered them this evening. We are anticipating a week of sunshine! and look forward to getting things done outdoors.

In you box you will find;





yellow crookneck squash-this is an excellent summer squash that you can use like Zucchini in stir fry's etc.

german butterball potatoes

green beans


yellow onion

red peppers


Sometimes life is a blur! Too often I work outdoors doing chores till just before a meeting in town and need to eat my supper in the van/truck on the way to town. This evening I had a meeting at church and my food tasted so good. I had green beans done just right soaked in butter,  Sunday's leftover mashed potatoes heated up with butter and chunks of chicken. I had to tell Janna when I got home that it was the best supper I had in long time. Just basic homegrown home cooked food being eaten in the old pickup. I hope you all enjoy a meal or two this week just I like did. 

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