Monday, June 8, 2009

The Cornucopia Carrot Vol.3, Issue 5

Welcome to another week at the farm!

Rain this weekend has brought much needed moisture for which we are thankful.  We also welcome Elizabeth VanMaanen as a new employee.  She will be helping out several days each week and we are enjoying getting to know her better.  We feel like things are really moving forward and having extra help really makes a big difference.  We got a lot of weeding, mulching and transplanting done this week.   

Tomorrow you can expect to see one of our girls at the farm stand as we will be heading up to Minneapolis to pick up our oldest daughter, Allison, who is returning from choir tour in Europe.  

A Reminder:  please remember to return your box each week so that we don't run out. Thanks!

In your basket this week.......a number of firsts of the season....

Peas - We can never get enough of these delicious treats - once again, these are the variety with the sweet edible pod - string them and eat the whole thing!

Potatoes - First new potatoes of the season.  Either Yukon or Rose Gold varieties.  I like them best steamed until tender and served with a pat of butter.  

Leaf Lettuce - try this light dressing for a change... 4 Tbsp. olive oil, 2 Tbsp lemon juice,  1 Tbsp. honey, 1/2 Tbsp brown mustard.  Whisk together or shake it up in a small jar.  You may adjust the honey and mustard to your taste.  Also tastes good with some balsamic vinegar in place of some of the lemon juice.

Carrots! -  check out this site for some great ideas and information about this year round favorite.  You might even want to try some of the suggestions on using the greens of the carrot in soups, salads, etc.

Broccoli - (or trees as my kids used to call it :)  

Whole shares this week also include the following.....

Salad Turnips - white, crunchy and mild.  You'll like them raw for snacking or chopped up in your salad.  These are also tasty lightly steamed - and nothing goes to waste with the turnip - start the root part cooking and then toss in the green tops toward the end.  These will make a nice medley with the peas and carrots. 

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