Monday, May 25, 2009

The Cornucopia Carrot Vol. 3 Issue 3

We are exhausted. Janna is half asleep in the chair and I am trying to coach words out of her mouth to tell you what we did this week, what Jessica and Janna harvested this morning for our subscribers and what to expect in the next couple of weeks.

Today we got a lot done. Nothing seeded or planted but we got a lot of weeding done in three gardens. We got the biggest potato garden weeded and hilled. We got some watering done and all in sunshine and consistent wind.

This past week my parents have been here because Adrienne graduated from 8th grade. My father is 81 and not so strong any more but loves to hoe, or should I say he hates weeds. He has been a big help again this year.

We got the peppers planted this week too, I noticed Janna mentioned that she was hoping to get that done in the last post. This week we will also bring our first group of chickens to the butcher. If you would like some fresh frozen pasture raised chickens for your freezer please let us know.

This week you will receive your share in a reusable box. Please return your box each week when you pick up your share. You may also choose to bring your own sack and empty your box when you are picking up your share so that you don't have to remember to bring your box back each week.

This week in your basket.......

Greens continue to flourish in the cool moist weather of spring.

Cilantro - use this tasty herb in your favorite recipes or add it to your salad for great flavor.

Leaf Lettuce - a nice mix of red and green

Butterhead Lettuce - either red or green - crisp and juicy

Radish - pink or red

Kohlrabi - looks like a baseball with leaves sticking out of it :) The first time I saw it I thought it resembled a Martian space ship. Peel, slice and steam it or enjoy the crisp sweet flavor raw with some dip.

Garlic Greens - a spring treat. These are actually the immature garlic plant before it forms a bulb of cloves. Rather than a strong garlic flavor, you will be surprised at the pleasant mild taste. To use, cut off the roots and use the white part and tender green parts in almost the same way you would use green onions. Keep them wrapped in the fridge, and try to use them up within a week.

Swiss Chard - use last week's recipe for kale and substitute chard for the kale. We also enjoy it in salads. You can use swiss chard almost any way that you would use spinach. By the way, chard looks a lot like beet tops, b/c it is from the same family. It has a green leaf with brightly colored stems ranging from creamy white to yellow, pink and red.


Pasta With Green Garlic
1 pound fresh pasta
2 tablespoons butter
several stalks green garlic, finely sliced
salt (to taste)
black pepper, freshly ground (to taste)
Parmesan cheese, grated (to taste)
1. Boil water for the pasta.
2. Melt butter in a sauté pan, being careful not to let it brown, and add the green garlic.
3. Saute on medium to medium-low heat until the green garlic has softened (but don’t let it brown). Remove from heat.
4. Cook the pasta.
5. When the pasta is cooked, drain it (reserve cooking liquid), and set pasta aside.
6. Return the saute pan to the range, set to medium to medium-high. When the butter starts to bubble, add about 1/4 cup of the water the pasta cooked in and whisk until the butter and water forms an emulsion. Keep whisking while the butter/water reduces slightly (around a minute).
7. Add pasta to the pan and toss, adding more water if too dry, and seasoning with salt and pepper to taste.
8. Plate and serve the pasta with grated parmesan on top.

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Have a good week,

John and Janna

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